Mika Geiger

Photography has been integral to almost all my adult life, starting with black & white film and the magic of developing photos in a darkroom. Expect to see the continuing development of this site as I share my exploration and discoveries.  

I think I’ve always been most comfortable as a quiet observer, and photography lets me communicate what I see and how I see it. My photography evolved with my life and interests – from travel/documentary freelancing while living in Southeast Asia for 15 years to portraits of children and family life after I became a mom. Now in Austin, I’ve concentrated on nature, fine art and the abundance of captivating critters in central Texas.

I have always enjoyed insects and nature, but macro photography fundamentally changed how I see our world and the role we play in it. Every bug has a unique face and a story. There is another universe of tiny creatures and delicate plants nestled within the foliage and landscape around us.

I love seeing what these creatures look like up close, identifying and researching them: what do they eat, what eats them, why are the colored that way.  My hope is that my photos and posts help raise awareness of and respect for these tiny marvels that surround us. 

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